Specialist Courses

These courses run for five weeks and focus on a specific area of the body. Back care, Lower limbs, Shoulder and Neck. The courses will work through a series of exercises focussing on these specific areas of the body and by the end of the the six weeks you will have an understanding of how exercise can help your condition.

I do not have any specialist courses planned a present however if you would like to discuss your requirements please contact me.


There are many different reasons why people have back pain, but a lot are caused from poor posture, lifting, twisting and the resulting muscle imbalances.

Many causes of back pain can and will be helped through exercise, but I strongly suggest that you seek medical advice before starting this course.

This course will work through a series of exercises to help ease and relieve back pain and problems. We will focus not just on exercise and good movement but also on how to maintain a healthy back whatever you are doing. Standing, sitting, driving or working at your desk. If you think your work station maybe the cause of your problems then Robert Allen, an Osteopath at Sollus Healcare, can advise www.sollushealthcare.co.uk

Please contact me for details of the next course using the contact form, don’t forget to do the little sum, or phone 07811 141 959 to speak to Diana.